Eulex in Kosovo: a shining symbol of incompetence

capusselaLONDON / PRISTINA — Read this: Andrea Capussela, until March 2011 Head of the economics unit of the EU Inter-national Civilian Office (ICO) in Kosovo, with an opinion piece recently published at the guardian harshly comments upon the success of EU in Kosovo : “The EU’s largest civilian mission, EULEX-Kosovo, was meant to prove the possibility of an effective common foreign policy. … Still, EULEX – which costs about €100m a year and fields almost one policeman, judge or prosecutor for every 1,000 residents of this small territory – could strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo and the stability of the Balkans, … as a peaceful, rule-based force. In three years it has achieved little. … The difficult context partly explains this failure, but the main causes are internal …” read more at the / KS

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