Kosovo Anti Corruption Agency complains non-declaration of property

PreteniPRISTINA, KOSOVO ++ the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kosovo accuses more than 250 high officials of the government of Kosovo or related institutions to have refused or failed to declare the state of their wealth. The according declaration was foreseen to be submitted to the agency as to the 31st. of March, agency head Hasan Preteni confirmed. Many cases had been forwarded for prosecution. In the context of non-declaration or false statements the agency head complained the missing adaption of several required  laws and legal acts, needed to enforce the request for legal sanctions, mentioning foremost both – regulations on organized crime as well as on property confiscation.

Regarding obvious differences of the current property declaration and a similar declaration beforehand requested by the Central Election Commission, the agency raised doubts concerning an apparently “fast enrichment” of officials. KS / NK – Read more at SETimes, Indeksonline, Bota Sot

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