“Serbia lost Kosovo deservedly”

Milan MarinkovicBELGRADE, Serbia — On the political web-portal openDemocracy, the Serbian columnist and analyst Milan Marinkovic published an article titled “Serbia and Kosovo: war of nerves”: “… why does Serbia not respect its southern neighbour – Kosovo?” the author asks. Against the current Serbian mainstream, he complains that “Serbia stubbornly refuses to accept the reality of the situation, as well as its own responsibility …”. And even more clear Marinkovic states, “… from a political or ethical viewpoint, Serbia lost Kosovo deservedly.

Serbian state policy during 1990s could not have been better devised to alienate the nation from the entire civilised world, while the regime treated Kosovo Albanians so degradingly that it ultimately became unbearable.”

Reflecting the ‘Serbian view’ on its neighbour Kosovo, he regrets, that “… the large majority of people in Serbia still perceive Albanians in the same way they did when Milosevic was in power. They largely see the whole Albanian nation as a lawless tribe constituted almost exclusively of terrorists, drug smugglers and other sorts of criminals. … none of Milosevic’s successors … has dared to tell people the truth.”

Appealing to a more rational approach of his compatriots, Marinkovic finally remarks “how much … Serbia has wasted throughout the years in the attempt to do the undoable. … Kosovo costs Serbian taxpayers 16 euros on average each second. … The two countries could establish diplomatic relations which would not only facilitate their respective economic recoveries … not to mention the accession of both to the EU.”

Concerning the ongoing ‘dialogue’ of Kosovo and Serbia in Brussels, Marinkovic doesn’t expect valuable outcomes: Due to the unstable situation of the Serbian government he anticipates, the Serbian delegation would soon “… try to change the negotiations from technical talks to status talks, questioning the status of Kosovo itself, in order to ingratiate itself with nationalists in Serbia.” – Read the (broadly differentiated) article of Milan Marinkovic here >>>


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