Head of Serbian Negotiation Team visits Kosovo

talksPRISTINA, Kosovo — As to Kosovar media, the head of the Serbian negotiation team at the EU backed Kosovo-Serbian talks in Brussels, Borko Stefanovic, will visit Kosovo on Thursday. Officially the Serb politician follows an invitation from the Kosovar public broad-caster RTK. Reportedly Stefanovic will meet the head of the Kosovo negotiation team, Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri as well as further Kosovo government officials and representatives of Kosovar political parties. Additional meetings are foreseen with members of the Kosovo-Serb communities.

Stefanovic’s visit is said to be part of the preparations for the fourth round of the Kosovo-Serbian dialogue, which shall be held in Brussels during the 3rd. week of May. The dialogue is meant to address technical issues regarding the coopera-tion of both countries, such as civil registry books, car plates, education certificates and further more.

As the only exception, the political party "Vetevendosje" (Self-Determiniation) refused to meet Stefanovic. "Vetevendosje" Head MP Albin Kurti considers this visit to be a provocation. "Vetevendosje" in general opposes negotiations with Serbia. Its representatives repeatedly claimed, the talks would only support Serbia’s EU candidate status, whereas no improvements could be expected for Kosovo.

Prior to the announced visit, Stefanovic caused rejection on the Kosovar side by saying not to need an official invitation to visit Prishtina due to Serbia’s non-recognition of Kosovo as a state. Kosovo DPM Tahiri even stated, the visit would come at the wrong time and should happen only after achieving concrete results in Brussels.  KON / NK (For more have a look at Koha and Telegrafi).

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