Due to Kosovo: Serbia remains excluded

TadicPRISTINA, Kosovo — On 27th. and 28th May a summit of Central and South-eastern European countries will take place in Poland’s capital city Warsaw. Kosovo’s President Atifete Jahjaga is officially invited. The Polish government stated, it would have no reason not to invite Kosovo government representatives. Poland belongs to the 75 countries world-wide, which formally recognized the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state. Different from Serbia, which still considers Kosovo to be a Serbian province: Due to this, the Serbian President Boris Tadic and further Serbian officials decided to self-exclude Serbia from the summit. 

For Serbia an equal-level participation with Kosovo would indicate its indirect recognition. For the same reason also Romania won’t join the gathering, whereas Slovakia is said to have called back its boycott decision. Likewise Serbia, both countries don’t recognize Kosovo’s independence. 

The Central and South-eastern European summit in Warsaw on Friday and Saturday is expected to host about 17 heads of state or government. USA President Barak Obama will join the event as a special guest – on occasion of his trip through Europe. The summit in general aims at addressing democratic developments, bilateral and multilateral cooperation as well as the integration process to the European Union.

Prior to its current self exclusion Serbia already boycotted the Slovenia-hosted EU integration conference in in March 2010 as well as the inauguration of the Croatian President Ivo Josipovic in February 2010.

At a recent regional meeting of Balkan statesmen and RadoslawSikorskipoliticians in Montenegro, under participation of Montenegro’s Prime Minister Igor Luksic and former US President Clinton, the problematic was addressed unintentionally in advance: "Serbia represents one of the key problems in the region because it does not accept the reality about Kosovo".

Meanwhile Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski was quoted as saying, Serbia should "… overcome its past demons".


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