MacShane: Will Serbia use Mladic detention to end Kosovo impasse and join EU?

MacShaneLONDON / PRISTINA  — The British MP and former UK Europe Minister Denis MacShane recently posted an opinion piece at the NewStatesman blog, stating that "the capture of Ratko Mladic is not just an opportunity for justice, but a chance for diplomacy …". MP MacShane wonders if Belgrade can "use this achievement to face down its nationalist past and finally bring closure on the Kosovo question which blocks Serbia’s EU future?" Critically he remarks that "Like some wretched SS general hiding away after 1945, Mladic had a network of supporters … Too many Serbs have been in denial about his role, too ready to forgive".  

In this context McShane refers to the current summit of East European countries in Poland, complaining that "… in a misguided diplomatic blunder Tadic …" refused to join the event – due to Kosovo’s participation as an independent state. By this he would also miss the chance to meet US President Obama – who attends the meeting – but snub him instead. Accordingly MacShane concludes, that "The sooner all of the EU, and the rest of the world let Kosovo be Kosovo, the quicker Serbia can start its push for EU membership." Finally the "Serb anti-Kosovan diplomacy is the continuation of Milosevic’s war by other means", he says: "Serbia is locked in denial on this issue".

Read the full article of MacShane at the NewStatesman blog.


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