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Kosovo Census: Unexpected Results?

PRISTINA, KOSOVO – Not even 2 million people are living in Kosovo. After the registration of 98 percent of the resident population, first figures – spread by press and broadcasting media – indicate that about 1,8 million persons were counted. … Continue reading

Kosovo Census – Serb reluctance

PRISTINA, KOSOVO — The long planned and awaited census of the Kosovan population seems to face ongoing confusion about its implementa-tion in the Serb dominated northern part of Kosovo. While beforehand government officials stated, that the UN organization UNOPS will … Continue reading

Kosovo Forces + Serbian Pressure on Census + Election Fraud + Kosovo isolated

PRISTINA, KOSOVO — Kosovo Defense Minister Ceku said, “It should be clear that the KSF does not fulfill the Kosovo’s security requests and needs. Certainly in the meantime there will be a need to establish full military capacities …” ++ Serb … Continue reading

Kosovo-Serbia false compromise + Kosovo budget signed + Census started

PRISTINA, KOSOVO —  LDK MP Lutfi Haziri criticized the Government of Kosovo concerning the civil registry compromise, reminding that Serbia offered these copies of the registry books already at the former talks in Vienna, but refused a hand over later on … Continue reading

Opposition boycotts court requests + President voted tomorrow? + census started +

PRISTINA, KOSOVO — Vetevendosje parliament members disregarded the Constitutional Court ruling and left the Assembly hall right after the budget 2011 was approved. LDK and AAK stated, they will do the same … opposition political parties unanimously said that they will … Continue reading

Kosovo Census + KLA Protests

PRISTINA, KOSOVO — As assessed by Pieter Everaer from EUROSTAT, Kosovo is ready for the census. Everaers at a press conference confirmed that the census will start on April 1 until April 15 … extensions are possible caused by the … Continue reading

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue + census postponed again + Italian MEP on Kosovo

PRISTINA, KOSOVO — The 2nd. round of talks is expected to continue today … issues to be treated include: registry books, energy and customs seals ++ … problems have accrued during the preparation process which have not been foreseen … … Continue reading

Partnership Iowa – Kosovo ++ Metals and Mines ++ Census in Serb communities ++

IOWA / PRISTINA / BELGRADE — Gov. Terry Branstad has announced a new partnership between Iowa and Kosovo involving the Iowa National Guard. The program is part of an effort to link the Guard with partner countries to foster mutual … Continue reading

Snowboard + KFOR + Census + Killer + Kidnapped

PRISTINA / PRISHTINA ++ Snowboard Cup Lands in Kosovo: Brezovica will be hosting Kosovo’s first Snowboard Cross competition in March, bringing top athletes and a host of cultural events to the country’s slopes … ++ KFOR to Halve Troop Numbers in Kosovo: … Continue reading

Trafficking + anti-semitism + Census delay + Kfor downsize + Film Festival

PRISTINA / PRISHTINA ++ Serbia Prosecutor Backs Del Ponte Role in Organ Trade Probe:  Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor supports the initiative of Carla del Ponte, former chief prosecutor at the Hague, to take part in the investigation into alleged organ trafficking … Continue reading